There are many different instances in which a business needs to know exactly what a piece of heavy equipment is worth. Sometimes it’s for tax purposes, other times to sell a piece of heavy machinery outright. Still other times, an entire fleet of vehicles might be part of a business valuation (as one company is sold to another.)

No matter why you are in need of heavy equipment appraisals, it’s imperative that you get a proper appraised value on each and every piece of machinery. Doing so is the only way to make sure that the right value is assigned for your necessary purposes.

Use CMEA For Establishing Heavy Equipment Values

Capital Machinery and Equipment Appraisals (CMEA) is ready to help you establish the value of any and every piece of heavy machinery that you have. As certified appraisers, we can determine the appraised value of any type of heavy equipment. Whether you have a single piece of farm equipment or a dozen cranes that you need to know the fair market value of, CMEA is ready to help.

Here are some of the most common heavy equipment appraisals we are called to perform:

  • Construction Equipment – Construction equipment is one of the most popular types of used machinery values we address. Earthmovers, cranes, backhoes, cement trucks, and everything in between will all get a thorough appraisal from one of our professionals.
  • Used Machinery Values – No matter what kind of machinery your business uses — from medical equipment to industrial conveyor systems — we’ll make sure that you know exactly what it would go for on the open market.
  • Business Vehicles – Whether you have a few pickup trucks or dozens of forklifts, we’ll ensure you’re getting a proper appraised value of every one.
  • Truck Appraisal – Semi-trucks and other large trucks can keep their value surprisingly well, and we’ll make sure that the proper value is duly assigned.
  • Trailer Appraisal – Trailers can suffer a lot of wear and tear on the road, so blue book values are often worthless. Our experts will be able to tell you exactly what each is worth.
  • Farm Equipment Appraisal – Whether you’re an individual farmer or a huge industrial farm needing a tally of farming assets, CMEA will tackle your farm equipment and tractor appraisals.

Summary Appraisals or Desktop Appraisals

You have a choice when you work with CMEA. First, you can hire us for on-site data collection. We’ll travel anywhere in the world to ensure that the data points and information required for summary appraisals are collected in an efficient and accurate manner. We can also perform desktop appraisals or online equipment appraisals, where you supply the information (and photos) of the machinery in question, thus saving you time and money in terms of the data collection process and travel expenses. 

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Capital Machinery and Equipment Appraisals is excited to work with you when you need heavy equipment appraised values. We’ll let you know what your equipment is actually worth so that you can move forward with your business goals. Contact us today for certified machinery equipment appraisals!