Medical technology is advancing at an amazing clip, which means that there is a constant turnover of equipment whether you work in a large hospital or a small dentist office. That means there is a lot of used medical equipment on the market; when the new model comes out, the market can be flooded with the previous model as hospitals and dentist offices upgrade. What’s the value of all of that gently-used equipment? A certified appraiser with extensive experience in determining medical equipment values can help.

Why Medical Offices Require Used Equipment Values

There are many reasons why a medical establishment might need to determine accurate medical equipment values. The first, and most obvious, is when they are selling the high-tech equipment in question. Other times it’s not just the equipment that’s being sold but the entire business. Legal issues such as divorce, wills, and change in business status (such as from a C Corp to an S Corp) also necessitate equipment appraisal. Anytime the value of tangible assets needs to be determined, Capital Machinery and Equipment Appraisals, Inc. (CMEA) can give a certified appraisal that will determine actual fair market value.

Medical Equipment Appraisals We Perform

Our extensive knowledge of the medical equipment industry ensures that you’re getting an accurate appraisal of your used technology and other medical equipment. Some of the most common types of equipment we perform appraisals for include:

  • MRI machine appraisals
  • Fluoroscopes, and Bone Density Scanner (DEXA) appraisals
  • CT machine appraisals
  • Ultrasound machine appraisals
  • Dental x-ray machine appraisals
  • Furniture, including electronically control furniture such as bed and dental chairs

CMEA also has an extensive network of buyers across the country, and we can also help to broker you medical and dental equipment.

Summary Appraisals vs Desktop Appraisals

Without a doubt, summary appraisals, which mandate an on-site visit, can add to the cost of a report because of the expenses and time associated with travel and data collection. But there are some situations in which that’s simply not practical. Perhaps the value of the equipment in question doesn’t warrant flying a certified machinery and equipment appraiser across the country to perform his or her duties, or the information needed is readily available.

That’s where desktop appraisals come in. This online equipment appraisal is based on data provided by the client. We’ll give you a list of everything we need to know and you can gather the necessary information, including pictures of the equipment in its current condition. We’ll then be able to give you the most accurate used equipment appraised value available using this method.

Contact CMEA For Medical Equipment Values 

When you have medical or dental equipment you want to sell, you want to ensure you’re getting the absolute best price possible. Even if you’re not selling it, you want an accurate fair market value assigned so that you can make the best possible decisions regarding your business and planning for the future.

Don’t sell yourself short; be sure to hire the best certified equipment appraisers around. Capital Machinery and Equipment Appraisals has the staff on hand to give you the most accurate numbers when it comes to the fair market value of medical and dental equipment. If you have questions or are ready to get the used equipment appraisal started, contact us here.