Lending institutions can suffer from bad loans when appraisals are either incorrect or nonexistent. Prevent write-offs and make educated loan decisions by hiring a professional machinery and equipment appraisal company. As a lender, it is your responsibility to ensure you manage your loans effectively; getting a CMEA report is a necessary step to ensure this happens.

Do you feel as though your machinery and equipment loans are under-collateralized? Has your attention turned more towards assets because of weak cash flow? Do you have a network of national and international buyers to sell equipment in order to recover money in the case of a default?

Capital Machinery and Equipment Appraisals is here to help. We focus on minimizing your risk by doing our job the right way. When you work with us, we produce a certified report to reflect the true market value of any item, from aircraft appraisal to the valuation to heavy equipment appraisals. This means you won’t be left to guess or rely on unreliable sources to know the true value of a business’ machinery and equipment. We help you manage your risk without worry.

From desktop appraisals to worldwide, on-site appraisals, our team can handle all of it. We want to save you time and money whenever possible, meaning that we have an appraisal method that can meet your budget restrictions. No matter whether you choose on-site or an online equipment appraisal, our reports hold up where you need them to most.

Reach out to our team today to get started.