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Our CMEAs provide certified reports designed to protect both you and your client. By contacting an independent, third-party appraisal company, the value of every item is substantiated. We make sure to reflect the true value of every appraised item with no exceptions. From the IRS to financial institutions, we know the report we provide will stand up to the highest scrutiny.

Don’t allow your client’s case to exclude a certified machinery and equipment valuation. Walking in with anything less than a certified appraisal report from a team of machinery and equipment appraisers is almost a guaranteed loss. Let’s face it: an irrefutable, accurate appraisal report is the only way to ensure your success.

Get what you need by contacting our team of certified machinery and equipment appraisers today. We have appraisal options to meet every budget, ranging from a desktop report (online equipment appraisals) to an onsite report. Wherever you may be in the world, we can get there for an up-close inspection. Reach out to us now and let’s get started.