The success of your next big deal depends on accurate information and appraisals, which is where we come in. With Capital Machinery and Equipment Appraisals, we work to improve your bottom line by offering precise appraisals of the machinery and equipment you need in order to successfully close the transaction.

We specialize in desktop appraisals, which is a convenient way to save our clients time and money. Should that not suffice for your needs, no problem. Our licensed CMEAs will travel anywhere in the world to conduct an on-site appraisal that meets the compliance standards of even the strictest financial institutions. Whether you prefer onsite or off, our certified reports are indisputable.

In markets where the assets of a company exceed the value of the profits, it makes sense to market the company to similar companies hoping to expand. Our connections reach far and wide, ensuring that you find enthusiastic buyers to help you close the deal. Reach out to us to learn more.

We look forward to providing you a free estimate for any of our services. When your commission is at stake, you need a concrete appraisal of the equipment and machinery involved in the deal. We can help.