The Industries We Serve With Heavy Equipment Valuation

At Capital Machinery and Equipment Appraisals, we offer equipment and machinery appraisals for dozens of industries. This includes everything from industrial ranges during our restaurant equipment appraisals to MRI machines during our medical equipment appraisals. But one of the most common types of appraisals we do involves the heavy equipment valuation that occurs when we perform appraisals for companies involved in the construction and mining industries.

There are dozens of reasons that companies need to have equipment appraisals performed. Sometimes it’s because the company is merging or being sold, while other times it is for legal purposes such as the creation of a will or trust. No matter the reason, it’s often to satisfy some sort of legal requirement. If you’re in need of a summary or desktop appraisal — AKA online appraisal — CMEA is ready to make it happen. Here are some of the most common types of equipment we’re determining the value of every day.

Road Construction Equipment Appraisals

As we mentioned in our most recent blog, cities and states don’t tend to own the equipment needed for road construction. While they might repair the roads (or might not), in most cases they’re hiring private companies to construct the roads in the first place.

The list of construction equipment that we can provide is extensive, and it’s compounded by the fact that there are so many different kinds of roads that are built. Here are just some of the different kinds of heavy equipment we provide fair-market values for:

  • Grader appraisals
  • Forklifts appraisals
  • Crawler Excavator appraisals
  • Loader appraisals
  • Skid Steer appraisals
  • Asphalt Mixing Plant appraisals
  • Road Roller / Steamroller appraisals
  • Cold Planer appraisals
  • Dozer appraisals
  • Power / Generator appraisals
  • Light Tower appraisals
  • Asphalt Paver appraisals

Click here to learn more about heavy equipment appraisalsBuilding Construction Equipment Appraisals

Much like road construction equipment can be used on everything from a dirt road to an interstate, building construction equipment can be used for a single house or a skyscraper. Building is hot in most large cities, where entire neighborhoods are constructed in the suburbs in a few short months and everything from multi-story apartments to monsterous warehouses are erected in the heart of major metropolitan areas. Here are some of the most common types of heavy equipment valuation we perform for companies across the globe.

  • Crane appraisals
  • Concrete Mixer / Concrete Truck appraisals
  • Earth Mover appraisals
  • Crawler Excavator appraisals
  • Skid Steer appraisals
  • Loader appraisals
  • Grader appraisals
  • Backhoe appraisals
  • Trenchers appraisals
  • Dumper appraisals

Mining Equipment Appraisals

Mining equipment can be some of the largest on Earth, and even includes the largest vehicle ever created by man, the Bagger 288. But it’s not all supermachines we provide heavy equipment valuation for. Here are the most common types of mining equipment we work with throughout the year as heavy equipment appraisers:

  • Mining Drill appraisals
  • Blasting Tools appraisal
  • Earth Mover appraisals
  • Crushing Equipment appraisals
  • Conveyor equipment appraisals
  • Excavator appraisals
  • Bulldozer appraisals
  • Dumptruck appraisals
  • Track Loader appraisals

Oil and Gas Drilling Equipment Appraisals

Whether on land or at sea, there are many types of oil and gas drilling equipment types that need to be appraised.

  • Drilling Rig appraisal
  • Tool appraisal
  • Transportation Equipment appraisal
  • Loader appraisals
  • Pipeline appraisal
  • Semi-truck and Trailer appraisals
  • Drilling Instrumentation appraisals
  • Generator appraisal
  • Light Tower appraisals
  • Block appraisals
  • Filtration Equipment Appraisals
  • Mud Pump appraisals
  • Environmental Control Equipment appraisals

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